It is a lightweight embeddable http server which can be used by applications to communicate with clients. Applications can use this server to communicate with clients.


➤Building and installing kernel from kernel source code

➤Data flow between application space and kernel space.

➤Understanding of character drivers (initialization, read, write)

➤How to support blocking and non-blocking read and write operations in driver.

➤Debugging techniques. (printing, watching and querying)

➤How to handle concurrency and race conditions.

➤Detailed study about mutex , semaphore ,spinlock,kernel timers, tasklet,work queues memory allocation techniques,kmalloc,vmalloc,Device registers,How to access i/o ports and i/o memory,Implementing interrupt handler,Memory mapping and dma.

Internship programs are intended mainly to provide help the students in such aspects. Students can acquire internship certificates through this. Those who are having 70% marks in higher secondary, diploma etc or 60% marks obtained through online examination conducted are eligible for this.

Internship is an yearly based programme. One time registration is valid for 5 years. Registration fee is $6.5 only. On completion of each year, certificates will be provided to the students. The students those who maintain excellence in the 2 year internship programmes will be rewarded with ample opportunities to participate in the payment based work.

Very often, visible and variable changes are being observed in the frame work of a programming language. If these type of frequent changes in the programmes are not noted down timely, one can't enable to complete the programme easily and securely.It's a well known fact that each programme works based on the instructions as already programmed.

In order to evaluate the idea how to approach a project work, no doubt one has to primarily go through and pay attention to the company based projects. Then only the person can gain experience in detail and achieve the goal.